Areas of Practice

Our Firm provides specialized law services in one or more of the areas cited hereinafter, covering both national and European Union law. When cases of international nature arise, we cooperate with law Firms abroad for the better handling of cases.

European Union Law
The deep knowledge of European Union law is a necessary instrument for every legal activity, to the extent that this area has penetrated in the domestic legal order and has acquired a really significant position in the hierarchy of law sources. Our Firm emphasizes on the added value that community law attributes to any judicial or extrajudicial activity and, of course, to the judicial organs of European Union, before which we represent our clients.
Commercial Law – Company Law
ommercial law often interacts with Consumer Protection law in the sense that the companies’ function usually results in various and complex issues amounting to unfair competition and alleged violations of consumer protection law. Our Firm deals with cases of such nature, adopting the most convenient legal grounds for our client’s support; our experience in the field stems from the fact that members of our Firm have on occasions participated in commissions for the reform of Greek legislation related to trade marks and consumer protection law.

Our Firm provides complete legal consultation to companies either on a permanent or on an ad hoc basis. We have undertaken the establishment and continuous legal support of listed or unlisted SA’s (national or subsidiaries of multinational companies), as well as companies of limited liability.

Administrative & Constitutional Law
The multilateral activity of the state demands very often specialized knowledge of public law, which has been rapidly evolved in the last decades in Greece. Our Firm provides both consultation and judicial support in public law issues, before either national courts or the Court and the General Court of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, thus representing either individuals, legal entities, or public bodies, organizations of local government and other public entities. Members of our Firm have been consultants for Ministries or other public bodies and have represented our country in international fora.
Maritime Law – Transportation Law
Because of our long academic and law practicing engagement with maritime law and transport law in general, we are able to provide highly specialized services in this area. We have provided consulting services to the European Union in Union maritime law issues and deregulation of domestic transports. Furthermore, members of our Firm have taken part in the drafting commission of the first directive for the deregulation of port authorities and have been consultants of foreign governments for the harmonisation of their maritime legislation with theEU acquis, while they participate to legislative commissions for the reform of corresponding legislation.
Competition Law
In the area of Competition law (National and Community), we provide complete legal services both in terms of consultation as well as of representation before national authorities, the European Commission, or national and community courts. Members of our Firm have been legal specialists of European Commission in the area of Competition law or have pleaded before the Court and the General Court of the European Communities. We have produced legal opinions and affidavits for foreign administrative authorities, organizations and companies and have participated in commissions for the reform of the Greek legislation in the field. Furthermore, members of our Firm have been until recently members of the Greek Commission of Competition.
Public procurement law
Public contracts law, at a national and community –substantive and procedural law– level, is an area in which our Firm highly specializes. Members of our Firm represent individuals, companies, public entities and local government authorities before administrative and civil courts, while they also assume responsibility for drafting calls for tenders and contracts in greek or other languages.
Energy Law & Law of Telecommunications
The area of energy is of great legal interest nowadays because of the gradual deregulation of energy market and the wide implementation of alternative energy resources following EU instructions. Our Firm closely follows the development of the relevant statutory framework, as proved by the participation of our members in commissions for the reform of Greek legislation on natural gas market. Our knowledge on energy issues and our experience in the implementation of antitrust law usually raised in areas of former state monopolies, allow us to provide specialized services to companies, authorities and organizations.

The most typical area of implementation of the antitrust legislation is that of telecommunications as early as the ‘90s in Europe and 2000 in Greece. Our Firm, enjoying great experience both from the point of view of case handling as well as of the telecommunications market conditions through the active participation of our members in the management of telecommunication actors, offers full support in relevant matters.

International Law – International Protection of Human Rights
Contemporary transactions are characterized by the intrusion of many elements of foreign law, referring both to the essential contractual parts (i.e. subject and place) and to the contracting parties. Due to the international character of disputes, several matters of applicable law occur before the selection of the appropriate rules of substantive law. Our Firm enjoys deep doctrinal background and experience in the resolution of private international law issues, torts, family or commercial law.

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