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Lectures at IMLI (Malta)

Ass. Prof. Lia I. Athanassiou visited the International Maritime Law Institute on the 12th and 13th March and lectured to the 26th generation of IMLI Lawyers. Dr Athanassiou lectured on European Law and Shipping, covering the areas of free access to maritime market, competition in maritime transport and interstate competition and state aids. (For further…


European Commission representation

Ass. Professors L.I. Athanassiou and G. Gerapetritis represented the European Commission before the European General Court in case T-165/13, on which an order of the Court was issued on 4th December 2014, proclaiming the action against the European Commission as inadmissible and obliging the defendant to pay court expenses.


Council of the State judgments for OPAP S.A.

With its judgments 3167-3168/2014-2014 on plenary, the Council of the State, after a preliminary ruling of the European Court of Justice, ruled that the exclusive right of OPAP S.A. to operate a number of games is compatible with the European Union Law, thus rejecting applications for annulment by foreign companies requesting establishment in Greece through…


Publication of the national monograph on Intellectual Property Law – Greece (2014), by D. Kallinikou, L.I. Athanassiou and Ch. Chrissanthis

Assoc. Professor L.I. Athanassiou is the co-author of the national monograph on Intellectual Property Law – Greece, which was published on 2014 by Kluwer Law International (International Encyclopedia of Laws/Intellectual Property Law, ed. by Prof. H. Vanhees) and is available online and in paper form. Mrs. Athanassiou’s contribution regards the chapters of patents and utility…


Expert consultation for the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe

Expert consultation for the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe Ass. Professor G. Gerapetritis gave a speech entitled “Social benefits and austerity – the case-law response in Greece” as an invited expert over an international workshop on the role of judges on the protection of economic and social rights in times of economic crisis…

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