“Maritime cross-border insolvency” (Monograph, NB 2015)

The new monograph of Professor L. Athanassiou under the title “Maritime cross-border insolvency” (Nomiki Bibliothiki 2015) has been recently published. Into the monograph issues are treated, such as the maritime finance and the current framework of cross-border insolvency procedures, on one hand the Uncitral Model Law and on the other hand the EU Regulation 1346/2000. The monograph draws guidelines in case of conflict between maritime and insolvency law and on this basis analyzes in a comparative point of view (regarding the law of EU Member States and the American law) a wide range of special issues, such as defining the centre of main interests of the maritime company and the rights of preferred mortgagees and lien holders, the outcome of the arrest of ships, the Anglo-Saxon action in rem and the limitation funds. This monograph is the first of the new series “Maritime Law Studies”.


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