Why choose us ?

Three reasons justify the assignment of your legal affairs to our office:

First, professionalism while dealing with your legal case. We offer direct and constant information on each and every case we are handling, so that you can feel secure that you will not lose your rights and claims. Our ethics code guarantees loyalty and confidentiality, without running the risk of conflicting interests, insufficient legal support or wrongful presentation of your legal situation in order to achieve unjustified economic benefits and to perpetuate litigation or dispute. Our solid purpose is the quest for the best choice in terms of cost, time, reputation, consequences and legal solutions which are offered after thorough research and comparison of all the alternatives. Therefore we place emphasis on the substance of the case and not on its facade.

Second, multi-level legal support. Our firm, albeit enjoying high profile and specialisation, is one of the very few legal service providers with deep knowledge of multiple legal fields, including public, commercial, international and european law, both on the level of litigation as well as of consulting.

Third, international character of legal services. The familiarity of our partners and associates with foreign legal systems and our fluency in cooperating with legal firms abroad, highlight the additional value of our work within a professional environment where legal issues hardly ever appear merely a national dimension.


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